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Author/Date Forwarding HTML botches the HTML
15/04/2018 1:27am
I'm trying to forward an HTML email but when the forwarded mail window comes up, the format is mostly unreadable. Bouncing the email preserves the format, but doesn't let me modify the message.
15/04/2018 8:40am
This is a limitation of the software. Currently the HTML compose control only supports a small subset of HTML natively. If I just pipe in the HTML from any random email it will most probably be pretty broken. That said the current way of converting to text and then wrapped that with quote ">" chars is also not ideal sometimes. It works tolerably well with human composed messages but newsletters, not so much.

Potentially in the future this situation will be improved. But it's going to take time. The HTML edit control is just getting stable in it's current form. Which has been the goal the last 6 months.