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25/02/2018 9:06pm
in previous versions I can 'add to existing filter' to my ANY filter from my-filter-list in filter-folder.
in 225 I can 'add to existing filter' to ONE filter only. This ONE filter is last-selected-line in filter-folder.
(I have 4 filters. If I set mouse on one filter-line in filter-folder. and now I can 'add to existing filter' only for this line=filter.)
28/02/2018 11:14am
Ooo I don't know how this broke but you can fix it yourself. In the Scripts sub folder there is a file called "Mail Filters Menu.script", open that in a text editor and find the 'GetSortedFilters' function:
function GetSortedFilters()
Then in the body of that function where it says:
Count = Filter.Item;
It should read:
Count = Filter.Item.Length;
Then save the file and [re]start the client and you should have the whole list. I'll fix it for the next build as well.
28/02/2018 6:45pm
It's working well :)