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20/02/2018 8:22am
I recently bought InScribe and installed it over i.Scribe (win64 v2.2.5 over win32 v 2.1.53). I added another mail account (B) (that is not e-mail account from my ISP (A), so to send from it i must use SMTP server of my ISP).

The problem is, when i left "name" field in "identity" of that new account (B) empty, write mail and want to send it from (B), i can not, because in "from" menu i see only (A) (the earlier one). When i write any name in "identity" in (B), then in "from" menu appears that name with address of (B), i can chose eiher (A) or (B), all works fine.

In (A) i have empty "name" from beginning in i.Scribe, without any problems so far.
20/02/2018 10:11am
So you want to send from "B" without any name, just the email address?
20/02/2018 5:49pm
Yes, exactly. I do that normally. Actually in InScribe it also works, but only at my first added account.
28/02/2018 11:15am
I've fixed this for the next build.