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Michael Crocker
01/08/2002 1:59am
I have a Spell-Checker that works with standard Windows edit controls, but doesn't work with Scribe's compose editor for some reason and I haven't been able to configure it to work so far. FWIW, the help file for the spell checker says:
"Clipboard formats that are supported are Text, Rich Text Format, OEM Text or HTML Format."

Does anyone know a good (preferably small) Windows-based Spell Checker that works with Scribe so it isn't necessary to cut and paste to Notepad?

InScribe 1.67
Spell Checker for edit boxes by Brian J Quinion
08/08/2002 11:57pm
That program used to work with Scribe.

Is there any difference between the unicode and 8bit controls?
Michael Crocker
09/08/2002 11:51pm
I checked and my default code page was set to ASCII. I changed it to ISO-8859-1, and the spell checker worked on the preview window for some messages but still was unable to work with another. It also worked in the compose window. So, if it will work with ISO-8859, I'll be happy with that. Thanks for pointing out the character set as a possible issue to check.
10/08/2002 1:43pm
Try this Web Page. It almost accomplishes what you want. It will save you a few clicks anyway. I put a short cut to it on my "quick launch" bar and it works great.
12/02/2006 9:19am
Try Free spell it works for me,