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06/12/2017 10:05pm
Do you think about to make feature - 'encrypt database' ?
'Set user password' - is there for access to Scribe only ?
21/12/2017 10:04am
Look it's something I'd like to do but I'm a bit snowed under with other stuff and it's not straight forward to implement with the sqlite3 back-end (folders3). So it's a fairly major feature in terms of effort on my part.

Unless you use a 3rd party solution. Such as an encrypted volume. Because Scribe is portable you can install it inside an encrypted disk image that you mount with something like Veracrypt. That gets you encrypted folder storage without waiting on me to implement something. Which to be honest isn't going to happen for a good while.
22/12/2017 10:12pm
I use TrueCrypt long time already.