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Author/Date several warnings in console with v2.1.53
21/10/2017 9:19am
I'm getting the following error:
LibPng Warning: Application built with libpng-1.6.26 but running with 1.5.4
.\src\common\Gdc2\Filters\GFilter.cpp:1960 - Filter couldn't cope with 'C:\Users\Scott\AppData\Local\Temp\Scribe\e9dc073c.png'.
22/10/2017 11:14am
I'm in the process of updating the png library to a new version. So I'll have to adjust the logic to return "component missing" when that error happens and force a re-download of the new version. The lib is also built using cmake now so I have a consistent build across Windows, Mac and Linux.

Yet more things to take cake of when I get back from hols this week.
17/11/2017 12:21pm
I'm hoping to sort the Sent folder into different folders within different mail stores.
I've got the lst portion working.

How do I access the contents of a contact group? I want to loop through the To addressees and sort it into the folder of the contact group.
17/11/2017 12:24pm
Whoops, I posted the previous comment in the wrong thread.