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Author/Date Feature Request: more extensive support for Growl
09/10/2017 2:34am
It would be ideal if there was a filter action to notify Growl as a filter action. I get too many email to get notified of each email and it is more of a nuisance to watch all the spam coming in. Spawning a growl notification on a message by message basis would be ideal, then the Growl priority could be set appropriately.
13/11/2017 9:12am
I can use growlnotify.exe as an "Execute Process" action in a filter. Is there any way to pass in the "From" and "Subject" fields so that I could turn this into a useful message?
13/11/2017 3:05pm
I added a method on the application object:

27/11/2017 9:13am
I'm not getting this to work as I expected it. I've got Growl disabled, and one filter has GrowlOnMail in the script. I'm getting all messages appearing in Growl. How should this be configured to only get filtered mail to be sent to Growl?

Is there any way to adjust the priority level of the Growl notification in the script?
05/12/2017 11:15pm
I just did a test with this script in a filter:
if (Mail.Subject.Find("Vectrix") >= 0)
And it worked as expected. If the subject contains the string it emits the growl notification. This is with global growl option off.

Maybe some other logic is off?

I'd probably need more context to look into it further.