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Author/Date account order in status pane
30/09/2017 11:02am
It seems that the order of accounts in the status pane is the same as in the accounts tab of the options. It would be nice to either

1) be able to change this order.

2) choose which account is selected by default in the status pane. It would be good enough for my purpose if it defaulted to the default send account.

The problem is that the account list is basically in historical order and therefore the oldest accounts are at the top which are not typically the status you want to see.

04/10/2017 4:27pm
I've added up/down buttons to change the sort order in the accounts tab of the options.
29/08/2018 5:51am
When InScribe starts, one of the accounts is always selected in the status pane and it is not the top most one. I can't figure out how it chooses the account to have selected in the status pane.