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Author/Date v 2.2A and some minor
26/07/2017 5:31pm
What advantage for user will in v2.2 above v2.1.

I remind some minor usefull wishes:
- make size of mail by mask (in ONE dimension, f.ex. in kB, as in Windows Explorer)
- make сhangeable column (size + order + case) for Trash-folder. All folders have it, but Trash-folder hasn't it.
28/07/2017 7:45am
Initially v2.2 won't offer much in the way of extra features, other than being 64bit. But as I continue to fix bugs and add new stuff it'll evolve. It's really about laying a new foundation, and there will be an initial period of worse stability as the changes I've done do break some existing code. To make it clear to the users that it's unstable I need to bump the version.

As for your other concerns, they are lower priority than the known bugs. I'm not sure when / if I will get to them.