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Author/Date Bug report: Plain vs html text is different
02/06/2017 7:21am
In the current version of inscribe it is possible to edit 'text' and 'html' in a draft message to make them different.

I would expect inscribe to not allow the user to make such data entry.
02/06/2017 9:22am
The way it's supposed to work (and seems to for me) is that you start out with the default mime type (according to Edit -> Use HTML Editor) and if you change tabs the current tab's content is converted to the other mime type. Then if you edit the content on the new tab then the stale content in the old tab is lost. It will be regenerated if you switch tabs again. This means that you should only ever see content that's in sync. But obviously in different mime types.

Maybe you could default a set of steps to reproduce the issue?
07/06/2017 8:16am
- Draft a message, enter some text in default html, save
- move to another folder
- edit text in plain text section to something else, save
- in the listing of emails now the preview in the listing window is different from the one in the message preview section (bottom or right)

Sometimes if I open the message for editing I can see different text in html and plain text section.

As this is not the usual way to use 'composing messages' it doesn't really matter much. But something in the viewing / editing is not yet quite rock solid.