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20/01/2006 1:12pm

Any thought to making Scribe a U3 installable program? See as a reference for what I'm referring to.

20/01/2006 9:54pm
I read through the parts of the u3 website that don't require you to log in and I don't quite see the point. Scribe is already "portable" in that it runs keeps all it's data and settings in the same folder as it's executable, what does being "u3 compliant" give you above and beyond that?
20/01/2006 10:32pm
It would benefit me, as an owner of Scribe, by having one centralized location via the U3 "Launchpad" button to run Scribe and any other "installed" applications versus drilling down find Scribe on whatever drive it ends up being on based on the computer my Memorex U3 1GB Traveldrive is attached to.

Having Scribe on the same U3 Launchpad menu with several other programs including Firefox, OpenOffice, U3-Antivirus and Migo file sync would be an ease of use request and do a nice job of promoting Scribe in an area of computing I think is going to be huge.

But, if it's too much of a programming issue burden to get it running as a U3 application, then I'll install it separately and "rummage" around for it on drive e: or f: or g:... etc since I prefer using my lean and fast loading copy of Scribe.

22/01/2006 2:19pm
I have read in another forum (essentialpim) that it is quite easy to write your own script to integrate a prog to U3 (which I personally consider useless, at this satge).

As na alternative for launching programs from a USB stick, I am very happy with Pstart (


06/05/2006 8:39am
Of the same opinion with chris.

I also use pstart for my portables and if you tried, you must be realized that pstart is nearly perfect.

The launch pad of U3 platform is not as pratical as pstart and the platform programs are mostly the sharewares.

But in most of program categories there is perfectly and solid working freewares. Also in some categories (etc: security) the bests are freewares...

I belive that, portability must be in the nature of a program.
I'm using 108 portable programs on my pendisk and all of them takes only 190 MB
When you except 14 of them, the needed capacity decreases to 60 MB...

All of them works perfectly and I have about 2 free and solid alternates for every program in the U3 platform.

The only program that I need but cant make portable is WinRar. Not as pratical as it but 7z fills that space. And also it have perfect commandline support for backing up my pendrive.

My other problem with portable alternates was the email browser. Than I purchased inScribe and my all needs for every purphose was completed.

Cheap and easy.

What do you need but couldnt find as a portable?
06/05/2006 10:10am
Hahaha. I made a portable front end for winrar 'cause I hate their UI that much. Never released it but it's sitting there in my subversion repositry and I use it every so often. I called it "i.Archive". It intergrates via the command line, so you could add support for 7zip and other weirdo compression formats. I just never bothered going that far. With stuff you write purely for yourself you don't bother with the nitty gritty details, as long as the main function works ok...
06/05/2006 8:33pm
Main function is enough for the most. But the integrit checking and error correcion code functions of WinRar is perfectly usefull.

For only archiving 7z is enough (of course not archiving with 7z format) also.

But the zip algoritm does not support these. Thats why I need winrar.
Does your command line accessing GUI (the front end that you tell about) support these detail functions?

If not, reallly no need to bother with.