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10/01/2006 4:59pm

when I click on Link`s in an incomming mail, they doesn`t work. Why?
10/01/2006 7:56pm
This is usually a problem with the configuration of the default browser. How to fix it depends on which operating system your used... can you tell us what OS your using?
11/01/2006 10:42am
My OS is Windows XP Prof. SP2.
11/01/2006 1:53pm
Also when I click to an e-Mail-Adress in an incomming mail, it doesn`t open the "New Mail" Window. And I missing, when I`m writing an new Mail the Bottom for "Kursiv"; "Big" and "Underline". I find, that am pedantically solved.
13/01/2006 7:47pm
OK, the links to open is working now. I install the Iehtml-Plugin. Why doesn`t working with Mozilla Firefox?

13/01/2006 10:27pm
I use firefox and the links work for me. URL's are passed to the system call "ShellExecute" which that decides what to do with it. If a browser is correctly configured then windows will start that browser to handle the URL. On some PC's it doesn't work, and I'm guessing it's because the browser is not correctly registered with Windows for handling URL's.

I don't know enough about the default processing of URL's in windows to help debug furthur, but I imagine there is a wealth of information on the net about it.
Jeffrey Needle
06/02/2006 3:17pm
I use K-meleon as my browser, and clicking on links doesn't work for me, either. Is there some plug in I need?

06/02/2006 10:59pm
Jeff: if you click start -> run, and type a URL (like in and then click ok what happens?