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Author/Date lgi.conf commands do not seem to work ?
24/12/2005 3:44am
I am using iScribe version 1.88 final build. I have some commands in an lgi.conf file located in the same directory as the iscribe programs; but they do not seem to execute. Can anyone able to explain how to use this feature. thanks

here is the contents of my lgi.conf file:
<scribe on-close='compact'/>
<colour.LC_MAIL_PREVIEW hex='FF0033'/>
<colour.LC_UNREAD_COUNT hex='FF3399'/>
<colour.LC_URL hex='0000FF'/>

The first line should empty the trash folder and compact the mail file on closing. It does not seem to work.
24/12/2005 8:58am
Change the "." in the element name to a dash "-".

e.g. colour-LC_MAIL_PREVIEW
30/05/2006 3:57pm
Do these commands work at the moment? I can't get them to work with the latest beta or the latest stable.

I've created a file called lgi.conf and entered the commands (both with the dash and with the dot) and no luck.