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Author/Date Running from USB drive
Adrian Bell
23/12/2005 6:58pm
As far as I can tell i.Scribe uses absolute paths so is not much good for running from a pendrive. Can it also use relative paths?
24/12/2005 9:17am
scribe's portability is the main reason i started using it. it runs fine on usb. just try it. just copy the folder from your hd, no install required
Adrian Bell
24/12/2005 1:27pm
Hmm, maybe it's just a log that I was looking at. What does this mean:-
D:\matthew\Scribe-Branches\v1.88-final\Scribe\Code\ScribeApp.cpp:1199 - Failed to read in '(null)'
That path doesn't exist on my machine?
25/12/2005 11:53am
matthew is the developer,
appears he has not cleaned op after himself enough in that build.

25/12/2005 11:25pm
That error msg is just saying it couldn't upgrade the old reply/forward formatting option from an external file to a internal strings in the scribe.r settings file. It's more of a warning rather than an error... and a trivial one at that.
25/12/2005 11:26pm
Scribe runs fine off a key. And the presence of absolute paths doesn't mean that Scribe stores that path as an absolute path in the options. There is code to convert them to relitive paths in Scribe.
marian manca
26/12/2005 7:29pm
I found i.scribe very usefull runing it from USB key. But I found a small bug. I had program configured to read messages after its start. But in status window I see "conecting" and nothing happens. I need to cancel the connection. After it I can manually read messages and then login on server and reading messages finish OK.
And also I have connection from one provider and all my family use mailboxes at another free mail server. When we want to send any mail, alert wind appears with message "We're rejected by the server,550 not local host, not a gateway". What's wrong. I used TheBat before and didn't have problems like this, but The Bat could't be installed on USB key. Please Help me.

26/12/2005 8:32pm
smtp servers are ISP dependant, use the one provided by your isp for all sent emails.
this will not affect the email adress that the message apears to come from, just the server it uses to send