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Author/Date Does Spam filter work in iScribe?
19/12/2005 10:39pm
I am using 1.88 final release of iScribe. I have a spam folder containing 211 emails. I have turned on the spam filtering option and built the word list from the spam folder, but it does not seem to be working. Also, shen I use the bayesian filter options to analyse any of this mail it always returns a spam result of 0.000 ...which is the same result it returns for any mail I analyse in my inbox.
Is the spam feature supposed to work in the free version? Can someone help to explain how I can use this feature successfully. thanks
19/12/2005 10:43pm
Yes it is supposed to work.

Hmmmm, I've heard of this before. And before I could examine the issue it disappeared by itself. I could send you a debug build to analyse why it's not working, would you be prepared to run that for me?
19/12/2005 10:50pm
Fret - version 1.88 Final Release Build Nov 30 2005 16:49:27.

Yes - I'm happy to run a debug version.
19/12/2005 10:53pm
Firstly how big are the .wdb files in your Scribe folder?
19/12/2005 11:04pm
The build to try:
19/12/2005 11:04pm
Send me the 'scribe.txt' it creates...

PS it's not compatible with plugins, so run it as a clean install.
20/12/2005 12:45am
Done - emailed to you
20/12/2005 12:55am
Optus mail server must be sitting on the file... havn't got it yet.

I'm with optus too, and their mail server gives me such a headache... damn them all to heck.

I should cut across to my own mail server I'm developing, then I have no excuse if the mail doesn't go through. Muhahahaha. </rant>
20/12/2005 1:45pm
sounds like a fine idea to me fret.