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Author/Date Can't view images in any email!
13/12/2005 3:33pm
I use the latest version and checked in Appearance/Automatically load images in HTML control. with my default alternative is text/html but when I view any email contain images Scribe don't display it for me, in the Images Cache folder have many images which can't view and have a big dimension (152456x453356). It's not occur with the email include images as attachment!
16/12/2005 4:45pm
I swap back to v1.87 and it work correctly, but in v1.88 not have any happen :(
17/12/2005 12:41am
Maybe if you email me some of these images that won't load I can check the image filters to see if it's bad images or a bug in my code.
17/12/2005 12:14pm
I send you an email from narga(_at_) to, it contain many images don't load when I use v1.88, in v1.88 test 15 that email still display correctly.
When the Scribe sending a email, the CPU load over 100% and can't switch back to Scribe by Alt+Tab combo buttons.
20/12/2005 12:39am
I've found and fixed an issue in the image loader, the next version should improve the situation a lot.
20/12/2005 1:12pm
thanks! your work so great! ^^
20/12/2005 1:46pm
and I have a question: on the inscribe page I see <i>free upgrades till <b>(but not including)</b> the next integer version (currently v2.00)</i>: that mean the v1.xx user will be not get free upgrade to v2.xx ?
27/12/2005 2:42pm
anyone can reply my question? :(
08/01/2006 10:21pm
Yes, v1.xx keys won't work in v2.00, but there is no plans to release v2 anytime soon.
12/01/2006 3:20pm
Yeah, that is pretty answer! ^_^