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13/12/2005 10:58am
Hello all
I have been using outlook for whole mylife and since a year ago I have switched to wonderful iScribe. After waiting so long to have a better filtering system, I am really disapointed that no filtering facility is provided for the outgoing mails.
I use to backup my outgoing emails in different server (gmail now) based on subjects.

I know it is a free software and cannot expect much, but I understand the commercial one does not do it either.
Is there any reason for not having this feature, all major email tools have it.
Does anybody know any way around it?

Best Regards
And Thanks again for such Wonderful Application
13/12/2005 2:15pm
Hello, yes you can filter outgoing mail. The iscribe free version is limited to one filter but you can set up pretty well an unlimited number of filters in Inscribe the "commercial" version.
Under "conditions" look for "" and go from there.
13/12/2005 2:16pm
sorry, just re-read your post and saw that you were talking about server-side filtering, can't help you there, but maybe fRet can?
13/12/2005 2:53pm
Thanks mhf for replying
I am not sure if it is serverside. I need iScribe to send every outgoing email to a particular email address (as well as the normal recipient address indicated in the emails).
I thought Mail:to phrase oin the filter means checking the mail:to statement of the incoming mails. Is'nt that so?

13/12/2005 7:16pm
I'm not sure if I understand your question - do you mean that you would like to send your emails to their addressees and at the same time back them up to a server somewhere? If so, I don't know how to do that.
If on the other hand, you would like to filter them and put copies of sent mail into different iScribe folders then that's easy.
14/12/2005 8:10am
have you tried the autoBCC plugin.
I know it is not a filter, but it will back-up all mails.
And if you use gmail, no subject filtering is neccecary, since gmail is based around searches, not classes.

by the way, does outlook filter outgoing mail?
what "major email tools" have this function?
14/12/2005 8:17am
outlook does indeed, i found it now, sorry for that.
14/12/2005 9:42am
Thanks mhf and exosceleton,

Yes mhf you did understand my question, that is exactly what I used to do with outlook. Unfortunetly I dont think there is anyway I can do it with existing filtering arrangement. To be honest if I know it is a future feature I will wait,
I really dont want to go back to Microsoft.

exosceleton - thanks for the hint, I have tried AutoBCC, it changes the content of files and attachement when you try to read it in gmail. Am I doing it wrong? Or is it to do with gmail?
But any way, thaks for the time

14/12/2005 10:02am
you are right, the autobcc / gmail combination is not ideal. (i tried it just now)