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06/12/2005 3:33pm
i feel so close:

when i send an email to, with McServer running in the ip adress linked to i can see the smtp connection from the sending smtp appearing in the log of mcserver:

6/12/2005 16:30:17 SMTP - ' (' logged in.
6/12/2005 16:30:17 SMTP - ' (' logged out.

'user' is present as user in mcserver
but i get mail delivery error:

Reason: Remote SMTP server has rejected address
Diagnostic code: smtp;550 No user
Remote system: dns; (TCP||46711||25) ( SMTP)

any ideas?
06/12/2005 10:01pm
In the pop/smtp options, what is set as the "local domain"?

It should be:
07/12/2005 8:23am
it is
08/12/2005 9:53am
the imap does work!
i can connect to my imap folders trough the server, over the internet.
(using the same username i am trying to send email to)
08/12/2005 10:17am
calendar functions sortof. i mean, as good as on a local lan (see bug 66)