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Author/Date Autozip fails when logged in as user
06/12/2005 11:05am
I'm using the lastest win32 iScribe (v1.88) and having trouble with the Autozip plugin.

The plugin is configured correctly and everything works fine when logged in as Administrator.

However, when logged in as User, I get the error "The file is 0 bytes" when sending a mail with an attachment.

The message arrives OK, but the attachment hasn't been sent.

Security permissions on the file to be zipped are Full Control for Authenticated Users, System & Admin.

I'm running Windows Server 2003 SP1.

31/01/2006 6:04am

The autozip feature would be very useful for someone who

finds using WinZIP, WinRAR etc too complicated.

There are also security benefits when connected to the net

as a User rather than an Administrator. It's a shame that

Autozip doesn't appear to function correctly under User.

Have you looked at this yet? I did send you a debug file.


31/01/2006 12:42pm
I had a look at this tonight.

Have you configured the recipient contact record to use Autozip? I forgot to do that and of course it did nothing.

It's too late to look at it anymore so I'm off to bed.
01/02/2006 6:26pm
Thanks for replying

The Contact Record is configured to use Autozip and

everything works fine when logged in as Administrator.

When logged in as User, it fails to send any file at all.

It seems for certain that it's a User/Admin problem.

16/07/2006 12:10pm
I was just wondering if you'd made any progress on this

and if this bug will be fixed for the next release.