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23/11/2005 11:38pm
I regularly get emails from a coworker who uses some rogue email client that attaches a file called "Blank Bkgrd.gif" to any message that doesn't have other attachments. I need to keep the messages, but I don't want to have to delete each attachment individually. I tried setting up a filter for this but I can't get the "Delete Attachments(s)"[sic] option to work. I can use the filter to move all the offending emails to a separate Scribe folder (so the filter conditions work), but when I change the action from "Move to Folder" to "Delete Attachments(s)", and re-filter the folder, nothing happens.

I'm using 1.88Test15, the boards seach function didn't turn up anything related to my problem, the Known Bugs list didn't help, and Bugzilla didn't turn up anything. If nobody else is having this problem, it must be me. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
24/11/2005 12:12am
I figured it out. Help file to the rescue. When deleting an attachment, you need to specify the type of attachment to be deleted. In my case, setting the condition to "contains" "Bkgrd", and the action to "Delete Attachements(s)" "*Bkgrd.gif" did the trick. Sorry for the bother.
24/11/2005 10:34am
glad that you have already solved it, i would just like to point out the
tools --> remove all attachments in this folder