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Author/Date Who translate in french?
Dominic Desbiens
23/11/2005 7:11am

I have discovered this great email client tonight and im testing it. I would like to know who translate this software in french ? This is a very bad translation : Some missed things, many grammatical errors ...

If you need a translator, i can help you...

Im already the translator of the great Media Player jetAudio.

23/11/2005 7:48am
We would love someone to bring the french translation up to scratch. The information about translating the software is available here. And if you decide to fix up the translation I'll give you a free license for InScribe to thank you for your effort. Make sure you download the LATEST version of i.Scribe to work on, not an old version.

23/11/2005 7:50am
PS the french translation is very very old, hence it's missing a lot of things that were added after the translation was done. I don't even know who did the translation anymore, it must be over 3 years old... maybe one of the first languages added.
02/12/2005 2:30am
it´s the same case in spanish translation. I was actualize the spanish version but is in the i.scribe 1.88 final version.I dont´t know if it´s thw same file in iscribe version and inscribe version. when i complete it, if you want i send you!