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Author/Date i.Scripe Test 12 won't go portable
27/09/2005 4:31pm
I've used the ZIP version of 1.87 for a while on my usb thumb-drive. Recently I installed Test 12 to c:\temp to test it and them manually copied it to the USB and uninstalled it from C:. However, whenever I run the program from the USB it makes an "opts.ini" file back in the C:\temp directory.

How can I stop it from doing this?
27/09/2005 9:40pm
You'll have to get test13 and install that. There was some left over debugging code writing out that file. I've removed it in test13.
29/09/2005 5:41pm
Test 13 works great. The opts.ini file doesn't wander off anymore.

But I can't seem to get it to clear the "ImageCache" directory. What's the logic for the cleanup on that? Deleting e-mails (including from the trash) and compacting folders doesn't seem to touch it.