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25/09/2005 5:15am
i set it all up and can send mail but i cant receive any emails...what have i missed in the setup
26/09/2005 12:01am
Have you read the trouble shooting guide?
26/09/2005 12:30am
no help

+OK Messaging Multiplexor (iPlanet Messaging Server 5.2 HotFix 2.04 (built Feb 8 2005)) [ISafe POP3 Proxy]
USER erogers
+OK password required for user erogers
PASS *******
-ERR Authentication failed
26/09/2005 12:40am
I would try re-entering your password just in case you mis-typed it the first time.

There doesn't appear to be any special authentication tips in the headers. The current version of the software has more options for forcing various types of authentication. If you want to try them out you'd have to update to v1.88 test12.
26/09/2005 5:20pm
Also double-check your username. Some of my accounts have required the "" on them when logging on to send mail. Each ISP is different.