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Neil D.
13/09/2005 10:13pm
I looked in the account settings and i couldnt see an option to use the same authentication as for the pop server. Nice little feature, saves re-entering the same data twice. Is it there, did i miss it?

If its not, can it be added?


13/09/2005 11:35pm
Pop has the options [all,plain,login,ntlm] and smtp has the options [all,plain,login]...

Are you asking for SMTP auth using NTLM?
Neil D.
18/10/2005 2:19pm
I'm not sure i've explained my request properly.

In outlook express, for outgoing mail authentication, you can select an option which uses the same credentials as for the pop server.

This leaves the smtp username and password greyed out since theres no need to fill it in.

The options that you are talking about, arent they do with how the data is sent?