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Mike Fender
07/09/2005 3:52pm
I just purchased InScribe after using iScribe for a little while. Have not been able to use the Help icon link from menu bar to open the help file "index.html". Is there a registry setting I can change to make link point to the correct file? (Note: I can open the help file with my browser; just the link that's not working.)
08/09/2005 4:38am
I tried a clean install of InScribe v1.88-test12 and the help menu works ok for me.

What version do you have?

Is the help's 'index.html' in a sub-folder under the scribe folder?

What error message (if any) is given?

Scribe doesn't use the registry to find the help file, it looks for ".\Help\index.html" relitive to the folder that Scribe.exe is in.