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06/09/2005 1:17pm
I would like you to ask for an advice. I am not able to make a connection
in a company network. It shows mistake: SocketError (10061): Connection refused. Thanks.
06/09/2005 1:31pm
Some companies don't provide direct access to the internet, rather they provide a web proxy and you have to get out though that. In this case there are ways to use the web proxy to get you mail anyway, notably PopOverHttp.

Sometimes companies don't give you direct access but do allow you to SSH out into external servers. In this case you can create an SSH tunnel to wherever you want to connect to. I use this method a lot, and can help you set it up. As a side benifit it makes you communication more secure.
07/09/2005 8:08pm
hello fret. I am interested in the the SSH chanel. I would like to know
also a little bit of the theory about it. also how can it be used for
tranportanion / carry over POP / SMTP. of course, I am interested in
concrete aiming / set up. So if you would like to explain it to me or
to give me an advice where can I find it. thanks. petko
08/09/2005 4:44am
Firstly, to use SSH you need to be able to connect to an SSH server somewhere out there on the internet. I use my machine at home connected with broadband and setup with an OpenSSH server to connect to. You may or may not have access to something like that.

Secondly your work needs to allow outgoing SSH connections, most don't, but some do. So you'll need to confirm that.

If those things are ok, you can use a client like Putty to connect out and create SSH tunnels.

A tunnel has a local port, and a remote host/port. So you specify a local port of say 8000, and a remote host as your mail server on the internet (e.g. in the SSH client and connect to your SSH server. Then when you connect Scribe to localhost:8000 the connection really ends up at the mail server, via the SSH connection. You just leave the SSH client running in the background to maintain the link.