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04/09/2005 1:30pm
Hi - I have been testing i.Scribe and would like to know how to set up the program for Hotmail. During configuration I tried the help option, but it did not run. Also, is there away to install the spell checker without it reappearing with each startup? Thanks...Ronnie
05/09/2005 4:32am
For hotmail, try Web2Pop.

The help is just HTML files in your Scribe folder, use a browser on Index.html.

I don't understand what you mean when you mention the spell checker. Do you want it to only be loaded for the current session? Currently there is no way to turn off reloading it automatically in the next session. I don't think thats useful.
05/09/2005 7:38am
i use hotpop for popping hotmail
05/09/2005 7:40am
old versions are free
05/09/2005 10:16am
Hi - Thanks for getting back to me. The question I had about the spell checker was is there away that it will load automatical each time I start the program. Now when I start the program it asks to select the plugin. Thanks again...neat program. Ronnie
03/10/2005 10:15am
The best link I've found for HotPopper in its last freeware incarnation is

Had option to Save or Run file. Tried Saving and installing but couldnt get to work, so went back and selected Run, and this seemed to work real nice.

Hope this helps