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Author/Date test 12 still has problems
26/08/2005 7:01am
After installing InScribe 1.88 test 12, I noticed the following. When I start a new message and select a contact by typing the name and choosing the right contact from the list, the program adds a random character (or something) to the address. It is a "non-printable" character, so the message cannot be sent. Removing this 'character' by hand solves the problem. It's still Win98 FE that I use.
27/08/2005 12:20pm
Another thing, which I just discovered: spellchecking my message with the Aspell plugin results in a message going blank after completing the check. (Luckily I saved my message before the check.) It seems something is wrong in the Scribedom. Or does it depend on my version of WinDos?
27/08/2005 1:44pm
no, I have had the same problem - and I hadn't saved the message !
08/09/2005 5:02am
Have you tried updating your plugin to test12?
08/09/2005 12:57pm
sure did...
28/09/2005 6:27am
This is fixed in test13. Cheers.