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19/05/2005 12:37pm
I think HTML sould be avoided in emails, and i fully understand, and support the minimal support of html in scibe. However many people like to send emails full of html clutter, and i might have come across a potential bug.
I recieved an email with a gif as background. Scribe did not however display the gif that was sent with the email, but a gif with the same filename which was already in my temp folder.
Is this a fluke of the system i'm working on, or a flaw in scribe?
19/05/2005 12:43pm
iscribe 1.88 rc3
19/05/2005 11:24pm
Yes that sounds like a bug.
20/05/2005 11:30am
the export function will allso fail to overwrite a previously exported file. It does ask to overwrite, but old file remains.