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Author/Date SSL Plug will not install in Scribe
Frank Hovie
12/05/2005 5:29pm
I have loaded (and paid for) the latest version of InScribe and want to use the SSL plugin. I have it all loaded on a USB Drive and have followed all the directions with great care. When i go to install plug-ins - I see the dll files that are supposed to be in the Scribe directory but they are not recognised as plugins and so I cannont enable them for my SSL accounts. Help??
12/05/2005 9:13pm
You should put libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll in the Scribe directory but not attempt to load them in the plugins window. The name of the actual Scribe plugin is Scribe_SSL.dll, which is what you add in the plugins window.

Does that clear it up?

If it doesn't can you tell me what files you have so far? Which ones are you adding as plugins?
Stephen Carr
13/05/2005 1:02am
I am having a simal problem - I have tried all combinations of placing the ssl dlls in the scribe directory or in ssl_win32
The error is the operating system cannot load the dll/so file and does not see the Scribe_SSL.dll as a plugin.

Thanks for your assistance.
13/05/2005 2:16am
The only reason that Scribe would not be able to load the Scribe_SSL.dll file is if you have a mismatched version of the plugin, i.e. one that was compiled with a different version of Scribe than you have. In which case you should download a version matched plugin from here. Pick the directory that corrasponds to your current version of Scribe and get the SSL plugin from there.

If the SSL plugin can't load the OpenSSL dll's it'll tell you as a dialog message when you open Scribe: "SSL dll's not installed."

I've just tested things again here and if you have the right plugin download it does work with just the 2 SSL dll's in the same folder as Scribe.exe.
Frank Hovie
16/05/2005 5:44pm
What I have on my USB Drive:

v1.88 Test8 Release

In the Scribe Directory:
Scribe_SSL.dll 4/3/2005 taken from the directory at the link for this version today.
libeay32.dll 7/12/2004 downloaded from the links page
ssleay32.dll 3/29/2005 downloaded from the links page

The message "SSL dlls not installed" appears when I open Scribe.
The plug in appears as installed in the plugins menu.
The SSL boxes are in the connections menu on configure