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Author/Date Spam not moving into the spam folder?
27/04/2005 8:11pm
I've been a long time OE user, after rigging up my e-mail to be filtered through stunnel (SSL), GPGrelay (PGP), and K9 (Spam) I thought maybe it was about time to find a better e-mail client. :) I found i.Scribe and it's totally cool, less than a 1mb download and much, much less memory usage than Thunderbird.

I haven't had any trouble setting up anything except the Spam filtering.
I'm quite sure it's detecting it as spam as it deletes the spam messages off the pop server leaving by real e-mail intact, but it just drops the spam e-mails in the Inbox folder instead of moving them to the Spam folder.

What could be the problem?

27/04/2005 11:54pm
Firstly, if you havn't already read the help on bayesian spam filtering. It does go into enough detail to make it work.

But my guess is either you have the settings wrong (see Filters->Bayesian Filtering Options) or that you havn't rebuilt the word database after catching enough spam.

Get back to us if your still having trouble after reading the help.
03/05/2005 12:32am
Thanks it didn't have enough spam. After I gathered more spam and ran the Rebuild Word List it started placing most of the spam into the Spam folder. It's getting better.

(I had been running my K9 spam filter for about a year so it's word list was quite good)