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Author/Date What are the label field for?
27/04/2005 12:40pm
New to Scribe, just 1 day (sorry if it's kind of stupid question):

Just wondering... labels?

I've tryed it, but when using the find function (edit menu)...nothing is found.

How do I need to use it (I plan to use it like Google labels)

27/04/2005 11:47pm
Labels are a peice of arbitary text associated with a message. At the moment it's not particularly useful because it's not indexed, but it will become a lot more useful in v2 of Scribe (out sometime this century).

The fact that the find doesn't work on the Label field is just a bug which I'll fix for the next build.
03/05/2005 6:16am
I found this kind of thing, very useful... attaching some kind of text could very useful to mark messages. It could be nice to get this bug fixed.

What are the plans (dating) for the v2? This soft is a very lightweight mail program and i fit perfectly in my "usb system".
03/05/2005 6:20am
I'll probably look at something like gmail's implementation of labels for v2.