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26/04/2005 3:41am
I'm using Scribe in Japanese and having a problem that letters turn into garbage to compose a mail in Japanese.
Does anybody know the way out of this case?
26/04/2005 4:17am
I recently tested Japanese input on my Windows XP (en) install using this as a guide. Which versions of Scribe and Windows are you using?

Maybe some examples of what you set the IME to and which keypresses you tried and a screenshot of the garbage might help. People keep telling it doesn't work and when I try it it's fine. So if you could help me see the issue at this end it would help a lot. The more detailed your instructions can be the better.

I hope you have time to help.

26/04/2005 7:28am
thank you, fret.

I'm having problems on
[Application] both of "inScribe v187"and "inScribe v188 rc-1"
[OS] Microsoft Windows XP Professional verision2002 Service Pack 2 (Japanese)
[IME] each of "Microsoft Natural Input 2002 ver. 8.1", "Microsoft IME Standard 2002 ver 8.1", and Japanese 3rd party's IME named "ATOK 17".

If I type "aiueo" and enter-key,it should display Japanese Syllabary Caracters'(Hiragana) first 5 letters,
but I will see letters "bdfhj".

or, If I type "nihon" , space-key and enter-key, it should display the Country name of Japan in Japanese with Chinese characters(Kanji), I will see correct 1st chinese character and garbled 2nd letter ",".

I'd like to show you a screenshot.
How can I send it you?
26/04/2005 7:47am
Heres what happened when I tried it:

I used i.Mage to process the screen shot, but I don't know whether it works well of Japanese Windows. In any case you can find plenty of screen capture freeware on the internet. To grab a screenshot, select the window and press alt+print screen. The screen shot is then in the clipboard and you can paste it into any program that can show images (e.g. Word or Paint or a million others).

26/04/2005 7:49am
PS just email me the screenshot... don't bother with trying to put it online somewhere.
27/04/2005 2:28am
I sent you screenshoots
27/04/2005 9:58am
When I type same Japanese words in subject and mail-body,
body is garbled but subject is fine!
27/04/2005 11:44pm
I've been looking at the screenshots and while I can't reproduce them on my machine I have access to some Windows XP Japanese machines, so I'll try Scribe on them and see what happens. I'll keep you posted.
23/05/2005 1:45pm
currently using i.scribe with gmail. managed to configure it correctly, but none of my japanes eemails are displayed properly, despite having set the interface and message fonts to MS Gothic. Any help on this?
23/05/2005 2:12pm
Update: installed the 'extras' package, but still having the problem sometimes.

In the list view:
- sender names and subjects that are in shift-jis or ISO-2022-JP is appears as ASCii jibberish.

- in the message body view, often a japanese-encoded email is read as ASCii. I can't seem to get the 'change char set' option to do anything.
23/05/2005 10:20pm
hi64: This problem is fixed in rc3...

overstated: Ok, which version of Scribe? Which operating system? Can you export the message and send it to me?
24/05/2005 1:31am
using rc 3. i don't see an option for message exporting anywhere. instructions?
24/05/2005 1:34am
nevermind..found the 'save as' command in the context menu (it could stand to be in a normal menu really..)..emailed to you.
01/06/2005 2:41pm
>This problem is fixed in rc3...

Thank you!!