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Author/Date British Pound sign displays incorrectly
Ben C
23/04/2005 9:44am
In some of my emails the pound sign () displays as it should (e.g. emails from iTunes music store) but in others it uses the glyph for u with an acute accent (). Is this a problem with Scribe or my own settings?

25/04/2005 11:55pm
I suspect it's an encoding issue in the client that sent the email. You can export a message with the wrong sign by dragging it to the desktop and sending to me, I can inspect it and tell you either way. If something in Scribe needs fixing I'll do it. But 99% of the time it's just the wrong charset in the headers of the message. Scribe is very literal about interpreting the message, it displays exactly when the sending client tells it to, and when that is incorrectly encoded you get this sort of issue.
Ben C
26/04/2005 4:09pm
Ahhh.. I took apart ben.mail2 in a hex editor and it seems that the pound sign is literally the same in "good" and "bad" emails. In all cases it's represented by A3h.

So I guess the problem is simply in which encoding scheme Scribe chooses. I've a least one email in which the pound sign displays incorrectly and yet I can't see any headers that might force Scribe to choose a particular encoding. I'll email one to you.

Ben C
26/04/2005 5:00pm
Hmmm... Before I forward you any emails, something I noticed. The emails which display A3h incorrectly have no encoding header in Scribe, but once they are exported (to the desktop) an encoding heading of "us-ascii" is added (which must be incorrect).

Is it that Scribe defaults to "us-ascii", and if so, can I change this settign anywhere? I found "preferred charsets for receiving" in accounts but changing this does not seem to affect mails already stored.