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20/04/2005 5:49pm
I've lost the Outbox, I thought it was part of the *mail2 folder? All the other folders and emails and contacts are there but nothing in the outbox (which WAS rather full). Can anything be done?
1.88 test7
20/04/2005 6:00pm
...forget that one, I'm over-tired after a long day - would you believe that I mixed up the outbox with the sent box? I just kept looking at the outbox saying where have all my outgoing mails gone?
But this brings up another question : is it possible in any way to backup to somewhere, then empty, particular folders, for instance the sent box? My *mail2 folder is over 20mb now (in spite of regularly compacting) and the folders no longer open instantly as they used to. Thanks, Martin.
20/04/2005 11:18pm
A backup option is something I will be looking into in the near future. i.e. it's on the todo list.