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Author/Date Exporting email addresses from saleslogix to saleslogixmail/outlook
19/04/2005 12:56pm

I've been trying to export a group from saleslogix so I can send an email to everyone in the group. I've tryed to use the export option, but it seems to export all details except the email address.
Any help would be much appreciated.

20/04/2005 12:08am
Hi, are you exporting to a file first? (what format?)

Or are you using the MAPI import feature to directly import?

And there is a "group" object in outlook? Never heard of that but I'll look into it.

PS: I know nothing about saleslogix mail.
20/04/2005 8:45am
By groups i mean I do a lookup for say, admin, as many departments use the software, i click count: 932. Now is there a way to sent an email to all of these people?
Also If I do a look up in accounts for say market(b): enquiries, this has 42 on the count, the same applies. I'm sure it can be done, I just can't get my head around it.
26/04/2005 4:27am
This must be some saleslogix specific thing, because I still have no idea what your talking about. The closest thing that Outlook has is a 'Distribution List' which doesn't seem to be what your talking about. Sorry... I tried.
26/04/2005 10:03am
Thanks for trying, now maybe I can get the company to pay for training... we shall see..
Thanks Again,