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10/04/2005 6:13am
Hi. Is there a way for me to quickly change, in InScribe, which SMTP account I use to send my message? I see that just changing the 'From' field, when composing a message, doesn't mean that I am choosing to use the SMTP account associated with that chosen identity (but will always send using the default send account instead).
This may already be possible, but I just have not found how to do it yet.

Keep up the good work.
And perhaps try to give up those crippling illnesses. They are not good for you, apparently.
10/04/2005 10:28am
There are 2 ways to send on a different SMTP server, firstly you can que the outgoing messages (File -> Work Offline) then in the status panel, right click on the desired SMTP account and "Send".

Or you can go into File -> Options -> Accounts and set the "Default Send Account" to the server you want.