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07/04/2005 10:07am
I jusf found out i've been sending from the wrong identity for a while after forgetting to swich back. Is there an option to set the identity at startup?
(trough an ini or .r file perhaps)
07/04/2005 11:15am
Not at the moment. Although, if your using the ini file format to store settings then you can just frig the default identity setting before starting the app, it's 'CurId', an integer indexing into the accounts. Although it may skip accounts with no identity. There is a win32 api call to do that, but I don't know of programs that you could call in a batch file... although I'm sure if your profcient with any scripting language you could write a script to change just that setting each time. I'm rambling so I'll stop now.
08/04/2005 7:41am
i'm sure i dont completely understand your suggestion, so bear with me.

i'm currently not using any ini file, and to call me "profcient" in any scripting language would be greatly exagerating.

Scribe remembers the last used identity the next time you start Scribe. Where does it store that info between runs?

I dont acually need to be able to choose any specific identity, returning to the default will be fine. However i do not want to loose the ability to send trough other accounts, so that i cannot just leave those smtp settings blank, thus using the default send identity.

(i should just remember to switch back after using an alternate indent, but hey, this computer is supposed to make life easier)
GREAT program ,by the way.
GREAT forum, by the way. It's rare to be able to influence development so directly by communicating directly with the programmer/developer.