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Author/Date Sugestions and about attaching 'Groups' folder to 'Contacts'
06/04/2005 10:24pm
Hi everybody!:
I have a couple of sugestions for i.Scribe:
* Coustom colors
* In the 'Groups' folder, list the name and e-mail address of the selected group in the preview window (very useful if you only want to check if someone is in the list).
Another thing, before I make something stupid, can I attach the 'Groups' folder to the 'Contacts' folder? I don't want to have problems in future versions of i.Scribe (I'm using version 1.88 Test 7).
Thanks in advance for your help.
06/04/2005 11:28pm
Custom colours? Which colours are you interested in customizing? (There are a lot)

Preview for groups, sounds reasonable.

As long as you make sure that the sub-folder location is correct it should be fine. See file->options->folders tab->sub folders location.
07/04/2005 9:27pm
Hi there!:

Thanks for your answer about changing the location for the 'Groups' folder.
About colors, the problem that I have is that I already asigned a meaning to every color for the e-mail's label and what I'd like to do is to have the option to chose between, let's say, diferents tonalities of green (dark green, green, light green, etc.). I have the habit of categorize every e-mail I recive and when you work for two departmets it helps a lot to keep track of meetings, user problems, department meetings and issues in one department, department meetings and issues for another, issues with other departmets and so on. Belive me, the colors and labels have help me lot in my work, one of the reasons I love Scribe :) Maybe i.Scribe could use de Color window that many programs in Windows commonly use to customize a color.
Well, that's my opinion and maybe I'm the only one who use the label's colors so intensive as I do. Thank you for your time.