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Author/Date Import of Outlook Data
04/04/2005 12:00pm
Hi Matthew,

I tested the outlook import function and found that
- only a small part of the appointments have been imported (no obvious reason)
- the email addresses of the contacs have not been imported, even though I use the standard email field in outlook (email1)

The problems with German special characters do not occur anymore. Works just fine!

04/04/2005 9:33pm
"Small part" - I don't understand, just some of the fields? or just some of the appointments? I only import the fields that map to Scribe events.

As for the email field in the contacts, Outlook stores it in a different tag each time I look. It's so frickin hard to nail down where it it going to be stored in the MAPI object. I already check 4-5 different tags. MS really screwed that up. What can I do though?
05/04/2005 10:58am
"Some parts" means in fact that a lot of appointments are missing (maybe 50% of them). Some imported items do not have the start and end date, I guess all of them miss the alarm tag.
Unfortunately I can't see a rule behind the missing appointments and the missing dates. Sorry! Not very helpful.

Regarding the missing email-address, I can understand your frustration. MS ...
05/04/2005 10:59am
P.S.: The special german characters work fine with the address import, but not with the appointment import.