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24/03/2005 9:32pm
I can't see how to turn off (not display) the first few lines of each message body in the list panel. Sorry for the newbie question. Running 1.87 full ssl with the ssl library files in the main scribe directory. Works just fine with my starttls provider, not many clients do at this point.

24/03/2005 9:40pm
File -> Options -> Appearence -> Preview first lines of email in list view.
25/03/2005 1:01am
For now, all my tries at ver 1.87 and 1.88 test 7 show no appearence tab. Probably a consequence of some lr8 file corruption. I may have a go at scribe.r with a hex editor as a short-term fix for the line preview setting.

Still a winner!
25/03/2005 1:21am
You might have to click the arrow on the bar of tabs to scroll across to the appearence tab in the options, depending on your font size.
25/03/2005 2:05am
Not font or screen size, those tabs really weren't there.

However,I seem to have sucessfully forced a rewrite of scribe.r by hex editing the preview lines after scribe had opened and then forcing a close on that scribe.r. (Doing it with scribe closed caused scribe to reinitialize it on the next start). Most rude but.... Appearance and debug bars back, preview lines set correctly and functionality now perfect. I know, pretty strange.

Again, thanks for a small wonder.