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23/03/2005 7:52pm
i.Scribe 1.88 Test7 on WinXP-SP2

First I'll describe what I'm trying to do and then I'll describe the problem.

I have a subscription to a group mailing list on yahoo groups. It currently sends the emails to my yahoo address, not my POP address. I don't have POP access to my yahoo account so I forward all the mailing list mail (as an attachment) to my POP account. I then download my POP account using i.Scribe (planning on purchasing InScribe when the funds allow). Once the email is downloaded, the original message is located in an attachment called "message.eml". I would like to be able to drag and drop this "message.eml" file into my Inbox.

Here's where the problem comes in.

The first attachment is able to be drag 'n dropped with no problem. Then, when I drag the next one out of the next email, the first attachment shows up a second time in my Inbox.

If I drag the "message.eml" to the desktop and then into the Inbox, there are no problems but the extra step is a little irritating. It looks like the first "message.eml" is getting hung up in a cache somewhere and not getting cleared out properly. The next time the program is run, the first attachment works and then stays there until the program is restarted.

This isn't a super big problem, but it looks like it's probably a pretty easy fix.

Thanks for the great program.


31/03/2005 10:20am
I'll have a look at it when time allows.