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Henrik G
18/03/2005 7:54am
Hello all!

Im a new user of InScribe and I would like to ask you a question. I have two mail accounts that I want to preview on the server. The preview window only shows messages adressed to one of them (my default account). When I go back to the inbox and download them, the messages for both accounts arrive. Is it possible to view both and, if so, how?

Henrik Gustafsson
Henrik G
18/03/2005 7:57am
I forgot to add this: Im using InScribe 1.87 (stable) / Windows XP Pro.
18/03/2005 8:19am
There is a feature in the current test build to preview multiple accounts at once, so you'd have to upgrade to get that.
18/03/2005 8:29am
Get v.188 test6 then select the accounts in the status panel, right click and "preview".

18/03/2005 9:12am
Wow, that was fast! Thank you, got it working now. I really like this program!