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18/03/2005 2:04am
If the option to mark new mail as read is set, and the application is minimized to the tray, the blink on new mail feature will not work, since the mail gets marked as read before the blink happens.

Also, is there a way to get addresses to auto-complete as you enter them in To and CC fields? This is the one thing I miss from other email apps.
18/03/2005 2:42am
You mean the "Mark Email read after 5 seconds of preview" setting?

This only works if you select the email. Which obviously you aren't doing while the app is minimized.

Or do you mean the "Mark as read" filter action?
18/03/2005 5:20am
Yes, I mean the ''Mark Email read after 5 seconds of preview" setting.

It seems that this action occurs even if scribe is minimised, as long as the inbox is empty when the message arrives. If there is already a message in the inbox (I guess it is the selected item), then the blinking occurs because the new message is not marked as read.
18/03/2005 5:27am
Ah, "...and the inbox is empty", is the key peice of information for me to connect the dots.