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Carlos Rocha
17/03/2005 2:33pm
Hi Matt,

There is a new column (To) in the preview window (that I can easiely get rid of by reducing it's size until it disapears, so no big problem). I know that the message is for me, but the column is always empty. Am I missing something?
17/03/2005 9:27pm
For people with multiple accounts (InScribe) you get the different accounts's email addresses in there. For one account setups it's pretty pointless, and doesn't matter if something is in that field or not.
18/03/2005 1:25pm
Yes, but the "To" column doesn't show the "main" account, only the other accounts. Is that clear? No big deal as I know now that those mails are for the main account, but still...
21/03/2005 1:39pm
You must think I'm really stuuuupid. I hadn't filled in the identity details for the main account.