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16/03/2005 4:41am
If I run v1.88 Test6 while I have Delphi or CBuilder running, I get Error dialogs popping in Delphi/CBuilder. The dialog has the title Error, a single period as the body, and an OK button. If I close iScribe they go away. The stable v1.87 version doesn't do this, so I guess it must be some kind of debug stuff in the test version that caused Delphi to do it.

11/04/2005 8:23pm
I still get this problem when running any of the v1.88 series. It makes it difficult to test because I always get this dialog popping up. I am using iscribe at work, where I use C++Builder a lot, so it becomes too much of a pain to use.
It only happens when I open some of the CBuilder dialogs, such as the 'View Form' or 'View Unit' dialogs. After the dialog opens, as soon as I move the mouse the error dialog is shown.
I have hesitated to buy Scribe because of this, because it makes v1.88 unusable for me. I can use v1.87, but that doesn't support the spell checking plugin, which I want.

Apart from this problem I really like scribe. Great work!
11/04/2005 10:01pm
Would you be willing to download and try some (or a lot depending on how we go) special builds?

I think I know what area to look in. I changed the mouse tracking code between the v1.87 and v1.88 series. So that'd be to obvious place to start.
11/04/2005 10:35pm
Sure, that would be fine.