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Author/Date preview pane crash
07/03/2005 3:07pm
thanks fret for the multiple accounts preview - it saves a lot of time and clicks. The bar buttons in the preview pane work fine: clicking on the Download button selects all, clicking on Date sorts by date and so on - except the To button, when I click on this one Scribe crashes.
Another (finicky) related request : to select which accounts to preview - would it be possible to add check boxes in the status window? It's really difficult to select some and not other accounts.
Thanks again.
07/03/2005 6:09pm
By the way, I presume the Scribe crash data is added at the end of the file and not at the beginning? In case you need it (and it IS at the end), here it it is:
77C14257: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcrt.dll Offset: 0x11D (wcsxfrm)
00466DAC: C:\Program Files\scribe test 6\Scribe.exe Offset: 0x2047 (ListAddr::_Delete)
10011147: C:\Program Files\scribe test 6\Lgi.dll Offset: 0x152 (DLinkList::Sort)
07/03/2005 9:09pm
This should be fixed in the next release.
07/03/2005 9:10pm
Oh btw, it's easier to select the right accounts if you use ctrl button when clicking the accounts.
07/03/2005 10:31pm
thanks fret : ctrl click = perfect