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Scott W
05/03/2005 1:08pm
I have just started using i.Scribe and I am impressed so far.

I am trying to create a filter that will move mail from "anyone within a group
of contacts" to a corresponding folder of the contact group name as described in the help. I have successfully filtered using the field as "mail.From.Name" and the value as a specific name, and using "Contains". The Actions were moving the mail to a specific folder and setting the colour.

I can't seem to get it to look up the name in any of the Contacts Groups. Should the Comparator be set to "Contains"? Should the Value be "Groups" or "Groups.XXX"?

Thank you.
05/03/2005 1:55pm
By "groups" do you mean the folder in which the contact resides or an actual Scribe group object (in /Groups)?
Scott W
05/03/2005 2:14pm
By "group" I mean the Scribe group object created by "Contacts/New Groups". I take it that that creates a "/Group" object.
06/03/2005 11:58pm
I've created a new DOM field for you... mail.From.Contact.Groups which returns a list of group names that the sender belongs to. You can then do something like this:

Field: [mail.From.Contact.Groups ]
[ ] Not [=]
Value: [MyGroupName ]
Scott W
25/03/2005 12:05pm
Fret, great job. It works like a charm.

Of course, now that I'm using it, I realize that it would be better if it filtered by the folder in which the contact resides. The manual states that using the field mail.From.Contact.Folder would do this. However, I can't seem to get it to do anything.

Scott W
25/03/2005 1:15pm
Hmmm, never mind. I just got it to work.
I set the field to [mail.From.Contact.Folder] and the value to [/Contacts/MyGroupName]. It works beautifully.