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02/03/2005 3:29pm
I just got Test6 and tried IMAP again (since it didn't work for me with Test5 in Exchange 2003).
Now I see all folders, great work, Matthew!!!! :)
Actually I see more than I see in Outlook, but I cannot see their content so I guess they're floders I have no permission to see... anyway, some folders with international characters have weird names. For example:

"Fòrums tècnics" appears as "F&API-rums t&AOg-cnics"
"Línies" appears as "L&AO0-nies"
I guess they're encoded in some way and iScribe is not decoding them.

By the way, these folders are inside "Carpetas públicas" (Public folders) in Exchange, but they are at the same level as INBOX in iScribe.

Just to let you know, it seems to be perfectly possible to work despite of this (haven't tried it seriously, though ;)
02/03/2005 8:25pm
Ah ok, well "next version"!

I wonder what charset it's using, the encoding seams simple enough.
Robert Bleeker
03/03/2005 12:22am
Working for me!

Not sure where the local version of the email is saved to. fret?

As it is my main account the emails are auto downloading locally, so it is taking a long time the first time, and I do hope the next time I log in it only download the new ones.
03/03/2005 12:27am
I'm working on decoding and encoding internation folder names.

The IMAP implementation is not a caching architecture. It has to fetch the messages each time.
03/03/2005 10:43am
Excellent news :) Thank you very much!
Robert Bleeker
03/03/2005 9:56pm
mmm...doesn't seem to cache the headers either. Takes me 15min each time I launch Scribe, as it download all my messages/headers.
One giant leap closer to a lightweight IMAP client. :-)

I'll keep testing, but for now I am staying with Thunderbird for IMAP.
04/03/2005 3:31am
Robert: I'm in the middle designing up an architecture change to allow the IMAP implementation to initially just grab the headers and not the body as well. I know it's not perfect, but it should bring down the load time significantly. It will also speed up the loading of local folders. It's a few test releases off yet, but I'm thinking about it.
Brian R.
31/03/2005 1:48pm
Looks like your IMAP implementation is getting a lot closer to working with Exchange. Would it be possible to configure Scribe so that it doesn't dig through all folders on the server when it loads (ie. only go 1-2 levels deep) in order to save time? Maybe a local cache would help. How is this handled in (yuk!) Outlook?