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Author/Date My InScribe to Linux
02/03/2005 12:04am
I have Mepis and Xandros running on a couple of computers and it would be helpful under FAQs on how one (with almost no knowledge :-) could setup InScribe in Linux. The Preview feature and resulting control over downloading email is keeping me in windows way too much. thanks
02/03/2005 12:12am
How far have you got so far?

The procedure is pretty much:

  • Download the linux bz2 archive.
  • Unpack it somewhere (I use a GUI tool... so don't ask about the cmd line).
  • Open a term and cd to the new folder...
  • ./run-scribe

  • Hopefully the dialog asking for a language should appear at this point.
  • Otherwise look at the debug output on the term and either work out whats missing yourself or send me the output.
  • If nothing happens then sometimes there is a missing library, which you can debug by doing
    ldd ./scribe
09/03/2005 8:52pm
I'll try what you have suggested..

More to the point, Xandros has a preference for a .DEB package and I was wondering if one is available. I haven't done anything yet, but will let you know how I make out. Xandros doesn't necessarily handle formats it doesn't directly support very well and I've had a couple of surprises :-) I use MEPIS too, so I could try installing in this flavour... but my wife is happier in Xandros for it's simple interface.

In my change-over to Linux the one thing that keeps me in windows so much is the lack of really good email applications. I have used SimpleCheck for years and I am not in the habit of ever downloading email unless I know what I'm dealing with and of course the ability to delete it in a "preview" or "header" viewing.
InScribe (use in Windows) is an excellent "two account" solution and it's use in Linux would let me handle email more the way I want to.

"How far have you got so far?" Not far :-) After so many years in windows, and not getting any younger, I am approaching Linux very slowly. Of course this is to lessen the chance of getting really p__ed and tossing it all out the window.